North India Awakening

The rain is coming to North India and God has laid a vision on our hearts to see the Holy Spirit awaken and revive 40 cities to the presence of Jesus. As we travel to these parts we go with one desire and that is to see Jesus magnified and lifted up in the nation. We work through the local church and the aid of pastors and leaders to spark and ignite an awakening that will result in lives transformed. When the city opens up and believes God for a fresh awakening the leaders and pastors come together and seek God’s face relentlessly until there is a breakthrough. No awakening can happen without fervent intercession and declarations made from the closet of prayer. Our teams are praying fervently for the heavens to open over North India.

3 Levels of Awakening we envision

City Level – Gospel Healing Crusades with the backing of the local church and unity of pastors and leaders.

Church Level – Church awakening meetings where a church believes God for a revival and an awakening.

Community Level – Small groups and gatherings praying for a revival and awakening in their community and families.

If you would like to organise an awakening in your city please write an email to

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