Vision & Strategy

Our Vision
& Passion is to see the nations saved at the preaching of the Gospel. Can you hear people from different nations responding to the call of God and confessing Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Jesus said in Mark 16:15:16 “Go into all the World and preach the Gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved but he who does not will be condemned”
We are living in perilious times and the world is in need of love,hope and faith. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important message of the hour and we need to preach it through every possible way.There are souls crying for help and there are millions burning in hell for not accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord. Can we let another soul perish? There is hope for mankind because Jesus has died on the cross for their sins and then rose from the grave.
Jesus Christ loves every soul on the face of this earth and he promises to reach out to every individual even as we take the message of the Gospel to every nation,city,town and village on this earth.
Let the whole earth be filled with the Glory and knowledge of God.
Our strategy to execute this vision burning in our hearts is by conducting
  1. Conduct city wide awakenings in key cities of the world.
  2. Media evangelism through movies, books, e-books and blogs.
  3. Equipping people to become evangelists and carry the power of the Holy Spirit in preaching, healing and deliverance
  4. Planting Apostolic churches in India and various parts of the world.
Raise up an Prayer army.
Prayer is the key to execute the vision the Lord has placed in our hearts. We need to charge the atmosphere over our families, churches, cities and nations with powerful Holy Spirit led prayers.
Strategy: Build Strong prayer teams in churches, communities and cities.
The Gospel of Jesus needs to be demonstrated in the most practical way. We are passionate about reaching out to the homeless, people below poverty line, prisioners. Also we extend our support to missionaries, pastors, leaders in locations where it is tough for them to carry out God’s work.
Strategy: Financial support for missionaries.
Send teams to work in areas where people are homeless and build homes.Identify areas where people are poverty stricken and send grocery items, clothes, water, and educate them to work and prosper on biblical principles.
We are praying to build a place for abandoned children below the age of 10 and call this place “Sonshine”
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