Month: September 2016

Dealing with Unforgiveness in your Heart.

Ever walked into a store or office and found folders and items stacked up? You wonder how in the world they are going to clear the mess. When things pile and stack up, the place turns really messy and requires serious cleansing. When words are spoken, they are like seeds falling on a field. Sometimes, when wrong words are spoken, they enter our hearts and cause much damage. They take root in us and begin to grow as we harbour them. They begin to control our minds, thought process, language, interactions and even the way we value people. Jesus...

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Breaking Free from Negative Perceptions

Perceptions are everywhere, seemingly floating through the air. There is a constant pattern of thought going through people’s minds. What does he think about me? Do they really know my calibre? Why does my boss always speak negatively about me? Why do friends always think I am good for nothing? Why am I always branded as a serious person? The constant bombardment of people’s perceptions of you can keep you bound in your mind. The key is to find a way out and to live in freedom from this bombardment. Perceptions are unspoken in many ways. People may praise...

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5 Reasons why we should not speak against a man of God.

All God has is only Broken Vessels. Every Man and Woman of God is broken in some area or another in their lives. Their area of brokenness can at times become the point of discussion or gossip for other believers and men of God. Remember, their brokenness is not a weakness; it’s God’s way of keeping them humble. God can use that brokenness to display his power and glory. Nobody excels as a man of God without being broken. God breaks everyone’s pride to keep them from destruction. He keeps them humble so they can have honour. What we...

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