Recently I had the privilege of sharing God’s word at a conference called “Ablaze” in Navi Mumbai.
The conference was purposed towards bringing revival among the churches in Mumbai and for people to be baptised in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord put a word in my heart from the life of Rachel (Jacob’s wife). We thought to post this as a message to the church from the heart of God. I believe the Lord wants the church to see a great move of the Holy Spirit in these end times.

Jacob’s life is described very clearly in the book of Genesis from chapters 25-49.

Caught between Tradition and True Love

Jacob was in love with Rachel and they both waited for 7 long years for their wedding to take place. On the day of the wedding Laban (Rachel’s Father) gave Leah his elder daughter to Jacob instead of Rachel. Rachel was helpless and did not know how to stand for Jacob her lover as her own father deceived him. People might say that was the tradition in those days to give the elder daughter first in marriage.

Rachel was caught between tradition and true love for Jacob. Much like the church today we find ourselves still bound to traditions, customs, practices, methods and still say we are in love with God. The church today is stuck between tradition and true love for God. True love must break every limit, control, tradition and custom and pursue towards pleasing the heart of God.

Man of God cannot take the place of God

Rachel asked Jacob “Give me children or else I die”. Jacob replied saying am I “Am I in the place of God, who has withheld from you the fruit of the womb?”

Jacob could only give his seed to Rachel but it was God who would make the womb bear fruit. The church today depends on Man to bring the revival, growth and fruitfulness in the kingdom of God. Man cannot take the place of God. The problem today is that Man has indeed taken the place of God.

We need some men and women of God who will say “Am I in the place of God?”

It is time for the church to go to God and draw closer to be in him.

Don’t undermine what you carry and have given birth to

Rachel gave birth to Joseph who would one day change and influence the future of an entire nation. She did not realize what she had given birth to. Unlike Rebecca she failed to enquire God what she carried. The church has given birth to some powerful destinies but has failed to understand its importance.

You carry a destiny, purpose and vision but its important you know what you carry. What is in your hands can change your church, city, nation and government. The church is not called just to meet inside the four walls of a building but we are called to influence and impact the world.

Know who you are connected and discover your destiny

Rachel was connected to Jacob the Lover but not Israel. Jacob had a spiritual destiny. He was called to Father a generation of Sons who would be the twelve tribes of Israel. Jacob was on his way to Bethel to encounter God in a special way.

Rachel did not take the time to know the other side of Jacob. She only saw him as a Husband and as a lover.

The church today should take time to seek God to know her spiritual destiny. It is not enough if say we love God and want to be intimate with him. It’s time we discover our purpose and destiny in God. The church should know who she is connected to. She is connected to the God of the universe.

Get rid of your Daddy’s demons

When Rachel left her father’s home she carried the household idols that her father worshipped. She hid these idols in a camel’s saddle. She carried the household idols from her Father’s house that should have been left back. She was on a Journey along with her Husband to encounter God. But she was still stuck with her father’s idols.

She sat on those idols and when Laban her father came searching for it. She said that she would not be able to get up because she was in a cycle. She was sitting on things that she was supposed to have gotten rid of by now and have authority over them.
Just like Rachel today the church has come out of the world but the world has not gone out of the church. We are still struggling with our Daddy’s demons and we are caught in a cycle. The cycle keeps repeating itself and we are not able to overcome. But the Lord has given his Spirit and the Word of God to break away from every generational demon that holds us in bondage.

We have to claim the victory that Jesus has given us through his death and resurrection.
What other areas you think the church should look to overcome to be more influential and powerful?


Cleophas David,