In our Pursuit of God and the call He has placed in our lives, it is good to ask ourselves the following question. Who is celebrating us?

From times when people totally relied on the raw power of God, to fulfil their call and destiny on this earth, we have come to a time when people can do a whole lot even without the power of God. There is so much of the spirit of ministry around us, that one can easily get caught in the trap being celebrated and lifted by men.

There are enough resources, media, and technology for one to get a kick-start to his ministry and dream. But where are we heading is the question? Are we running because everybody else is running? Who are we running after? Who called us? Are we so busy in our call that we have forgotten the one who has called us?
We look for people and places where we are celebrated, honoured, and respected. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; however, what about those who do not respect and honour us?
Interestingly, in the Bible Jesus was never celebrated by His own people, yet he served them in humility. There is only one incident where the people had Him ride on a donkey and they welcomed Him as messiah into Jerusalem. But Jesus knew the hearts of men. The same people who celebrated Him would soon be shouting “crucify him crucify him.”

Jesus went from being celebrated as the messiah to being crucified as a criminal.

Jesus pursued the presence of the Father and showed them that the heart and presence of the Father precedes gifts, charisma, status, titles, and positions.

Every time He came to the point of being elevated and lifted by men, He would go into hiding and rest in the bosom of the Father, seeking His precious face and knowing his Heart. The people wanted to make him a king, but the Father in Heaven wanted Him on the cross. While people were trying to clothe Him, the Father was getting ready to strip Him.

People celebrate you for what you can do and for what you have done. But the Father celebrates you for who you are and that ye are His sons and daughters. Today we have more fans and fewer students and sons. We have become public figures showcasing our achievements, talents, and gifts, whereas God is calling us to become famous in the private place where only He can see our hearts.

People will drive us to expose our anointing, but God will one day expose our heart, our secret sins and desires, our motives. Prepare to meet your God more than you prepare to meet people. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to deal with our heart today, before it’s too late, before it comes down to the wire, lest we stand offended before God and His angels.

Celebrities have lifestyles that are hidden to most in the public, but they are naked before God and His eyes. He watches every step of yours, every connection and relationship you make, every post on facebook, every tweet on twitter.

God is keen on promoting our hearts, whereas people are keen on promoting our gifts and anointing. Yield your heart to God, so that your popularity will increase in Heaven.

The celebrated man of men is invited and made to run from pillar to post. The celebrated man of God is sent by God and fashioned in the secret place.

Have you ever been in an environment where you are made to feel little and to feel less famous? That is God celebrating you, my dear friend, and telling you: All you need is Me, and nothing else. The mark of His presence is on you, so why care about the praises of men when your Abba Father rejoices over you and sings songs of love over you. While others are being praised, God is quietly touching the depths of our hearts, saying I have loved you with an everlasting love.

It is time that we ask ourselves whether we are carrying the cross of Jesus, or sitting pretty on a throne designed by men. The Holy Spirit is calling you into the desert and into a place where there will be no distraction. He wants you to fix your eyes on Jesus and be in undistracted devotion to only Him.
Though Jesus was the son of God, He was also a servant at Heart, willing to serve rather than to be served. Being a servant at heart is the key to walking in humility before God and man. The heart of the servant wants to serve God and man. The heart of the celebrity wants to be served by everyone. We always like to be at the table with waiters standing to take our orders. Change your position today and become a waiter before God and serve the people.

If you sense the celebrity spirit growing in you, its time for you to repent before God. Honour and respect comes from God and then is later credited to men so that they can do the same to you. Let’s not work towards people celebrating us. God does not care about how many times you preach in a week, He cares about fashioning you in the secret place, so that your life and vision can be a sermon to the world. Even when you have stopped standing on pulpits and platforms, your vision will continue to speak.

What questions are we asking ourselves as leaders? Post your comments and let us discuss.

God Bless