Some see revival as an event. Some see revival as a conference. Some see Revival as a yearly gathering. According to scripture we see revival was the norm of the early church. It was a lifestyle that the Apostles followed. If revival does not result in people turning to Jesus then it’s no revival.

What is revival? It is about a person plugged to the power and person of the Holy Spirit. As long as he is plugged, power flows out and touches and affects everyone around. Most churches and individuals have unplugged from the person of the Holy Spirit and relied on smart methods and intelligence to change the world. Such people will soon see a burn out and will cry out for help.

“May God visit us again”

We see in scripture the Lord added to the church daily. They moved in miracles, signs and wonders every day. It was the essence of the church. Revival was life of the early church. They moved in power. They walked in power and they spoke in power.


They flowed and moved in pure presence and glory. The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Apostles and believers released the atmosphere of Heaven everywhere they went. They were not just sermon carriers but they were presence carriers.

Revival is God overshadowing the church and causing them to birth supernatural things constantly.

The Lord is calling the church to the secret place this season. Revival flows out of the secret place and affects everyone in market place, church pews, business world, sports and entertainment etc..

When the Holy Spirit dwells in a person hunger is very evident. The person cannot survive without knowing Jesus more and more every day. Nobody tells them to stay hungry, they are driven to seek Jesus everyday by the Holy Spirit.

For this to intensify in the church today we need to move from event based culture of Christianity to a revival based culture of Christianity. This is what the world wants to see. They want to see power demonstrated and the truth presented clearly. The world will not accept a compromised Gospel. They may like it for a while but it will not last in their faith for too long.

The Lord is passionate to display and demonstrate His Love to the people. The Holy Spirit makes the love of Jesus real to our hearts. When revival begins in the heart it flows from there and touches everyone connected to that individual. If nurtured well, it transcends cultural and community barriers and affects people on a global level. The Holy Spirit through an individual can shake the nations of the earth.

So why make a big deal, don’t wait for something to happen!!! Just plug in to the Holy Spirit again today in Jesus name.